ERASMUSTHERAPY at Sanlam Street (near Glenfair Boulevard)

Sometimes we struggle to cope.  We do not have the answers we need, or are just not at the top of our game. You may be  or going through a rough patch emotionally, relationally or vocationally.  You may be struggling with pathology or the effect of it in the lives of those you care about or  Anxiety or Depression may plague you.  Perhaps you would like to get a fresh perspective on this or address it effectively for the purpose of change and growth.

If you could see yourself in one or more of the above statements, you might benefit from consulting with a psychologist.

I suppose a simple “Yes everyone needs a psychologist from time to time!” will not do? Seeing a psychologist does not mean that one is “mad” , out of your mind, have lost it completely or that you have a psychological problem. 

Psychology has changed over the past few years and has moved from a predominantly pathogenic focus to include many elements of positive psychology in psychotherapy.  Thus not only looking at what is wrong in a person’s life but also at what is right and how to utilize that to reach your full potential.

So come on, what do you have to lose?  It may just change your life and possibly the lives of those around you too!

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